We provide Electronic Board Design including FPGA design from concept to prototyping, Board Design from Specification to Gerber (Schematics, Layout) and our team also has extensive experience in working on Xilinx Virtex, TI OMAP, PowerPC based boards.

FPGA Design.
  • Specification/Architecture : Pick the right FPGA based on resource analysis.

  • Microarchitecture,using FPGA blocks (Block RAM, DSP structures etc).
  • RTL Coding, Verification – MATLAB code conversion, Sysgen etc.
  • FPGA Target – fit design in available area, meet design frequency targets.

Board Design.
  • Specification : Evaluate customer requirements, explore options and suggest a final design.
  • Schematics : Create schematics in industry standard EDA tools – OrCAD.
  • Layout : Create layouts (for upto 6-layer boards) – Perform DRC checks.

System Design.
  • Board Bringup– check all power/clocks etc.
  • Functional check of all design interfaces.
  • Diagnostic s/w [Assembly, C, C++] and stress test design.
  • Experienced with Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzer, FPGA chipscope etc.
  • Software development to realize end system goals.