IC Implementation.
  • Netlist 2 GDSII : Placement/CTS/Route, STA, DRC/LVS, IR/EM
  • 25+ successful tapeouts (in past companies) from 250nm to 40nm
  • ARM Core Hardening (Cortex-A9, ARM-9, ARM-11 etc.)
  • DFT, Logic Equivalence check, Gate-level simulations .
IC Design and Verification.
  • Specification/Architecture system control (clock/reset), power, block partitions
  • RTL Coding for data-path and control intense blocks from specifications
  • RTL Verification using SystemVerilog, native Verilog, MATLAB/C etc.
  • Power Aware Verification Multi-voltage and Power Management scenarios
Other IC Activities.
  • DFT Scan (At-speed), BIST, Boundary-scan, Pattern Generation/Validation
  • Emulation Using vendor platforms, or develop custom FPGA platforms
  • ARM Emulation platform Versatile Express
  • Good understanding of system hardware/software for key architectural decisions
  • PDK development for various foundries
  • iPDK, iDRC, iLVS, iRCX vendor independent formats
  • EDA flow development & point tools

Flow and Tools

The design flow from project kick-off to tapeout is given here. The mapping of EDA tools from different vendors to the flow steps is also shown.

Process & Maturity
Design Statistics

The design process is automated with a make based flow so that all flow steps get settings according to best practice and found to work well from design experience.

As part of the automated flow, design statistics are captured automatically in user-friendly excel format. Critical parameters like timing are captured in tracking sheets to see how the design improves over different experiments.

Data is blanked out intentionally.



Checklists based on standard templates are created and maintained to ensure design readiness for tapeout. The checklists are automatically generated as far as possible. Regular checklist reviews ensure that any gaps are addressed in time.

Project Schedule

The project schedule is created and tracked weekly. The status is captured clearly and discussed in regular conference calls to give the customer a clear picture of the project progress. On-demand discussions are also done to resolve any point problems.