Green Silicon and Systems is a Semiconductor and System Design company and provides services and solutions to various key domains like Consumer Electronics, Networking etc.

We offer a broad portfolio of services from

  • Full Specification to GDSII Flow for ASIC and SoC.
  • Place/Route, STA, DRC/LVS, Power Plan etc.
  • Design RTL Coding, Verification.
  • Core Hardening ARM Cortex-A9, ARM 926 etc.
  • Foundry Interface for runset creation, validation of cell/macro layouts etc.
  • FPGA design, from concept to implementation.
  • Board design from specification to Gerber (Schematics, Layout).
  • Experience in working on Xilinx Virtex, TI OMAP, PowerPC based boards
  • Board Support Package (BSP) Development.
  • Embedded software development in C, C++, C# for Linux, Windows CE etc.